Mass Spectrometry Instruments (MSI)

About Us

Mass Spectrometry Instruments Ltd (MSI ) designs and manufactures high performance magnetic sector double focusing mass spectrometer Instruments. It has inherited its technology from Kratos Analytical, which pioneered commercial sector mass spectrometers back in 1957. Since then the advancement of the technology and need for high precision, high resolution instruments has risen exponentially. Today, MSI is an ISO 9001 certified company and a leading player in the field of high resolution mass spectrometer design and manufacture.

How We Work With CSE

CSE has supplied MSI with instrument components for a number of years. These include external panels and covers as illustrated on our web site at

Why We Work With CSE

CSE is an easily approachable company that fully understands the needs of a high precision instrumentation company like MSI. They are helpful and co-operative in manufacturing parts that may be required at very short notice. Most importantly the quality of work is very good and is competitively priced, even for low volume production. New product prototyping is efficiently handled in terms of timescales, modelling and producing parts that may require much iteration.

Our Comments

"MSI is proud to be associated with CSE as its main supplier."

photo: Mass Spectrometry Instruments (MSI)