About Us

Isotopx specialises in isotope ratio analysis. We design and build Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometers (TIMS). These are used by geologists to date ancient rocks and by nuclear fuel scientists to monitor the composition of nuclear fuel. Isotopx TIMS instruments can routinely attain incredible levels of accuracy and precision and we are justifiably proud that our systems are in daily use in some of the world’s most prestigious establishments.

How We Work With CSE

CSE is one of a small group of specialist companies that we have selected to be part of our supply chain. In order to attain the high levels of accuracy our end customers require, we rely on our suppliers to provide the same high levels of accuracy in the parts and assemblies they supply to us. We require them to work with us from the outset to help us to produce designs that utilise the most efficient and effective manufacturing methods, without compromising on quality. To achieve this, we must build relationships and trust the people that run the company and work on our products.

CSE is our supplier of choice for the fabrication and assembly of our instrument bench, so much so that they are now producing and assembling sub-assembly parts for the instrument bench internals. We will continue to work with CSE in the design and build of our future products.

Why We Work With CSE

We choose to work with CSE because they are able to listen and understand our exact requirements. The quality of their work is second to none. Now with Rick and Steve holding the reins, the company has improved tremendously – giving us complete confidence in what they do.

Our Comments

"We are delighted to be able to support CSE as they develop their business."

photo: Isotopx Case Study