Sheet Metal Fabrication

CSE occupied part of the original factory that manufactured Linotype machines as far back as 1899. The Linotype machine’s ability to spread the printed word was seen as part of a technological revolution. Its invention was compared to the advent of the railways and the telegraph and its presence was felt throughout the world.

CSE was originally set up as the fabrication department for Linotype and Machinery Limited in 1978. The department was set up to produce the chassis and guards for the ‘Linotron 202’ photo composing machine at the time when Linotype diversified into machines with digital typefaces.

Then, following the demise of the printing industry in the early 1980’s, the management sought local sub contract sheet metal work to help maintain the workforce and utilise the machinery. They formed a company called Cheshire Specialist Engineering, now known as CSE, to carry out this work. CSE quickly found itself immersed in the ‘hotbed’ of the mass spectrometry industry which has a notable presence in the surrounding area. A number of long-standing relationships developed, the majority of which still exist today.

In recent years CSE has moved into other scientific and electronic sectors where, like mass spectrometry, the ability to produce, high complexity, low to medium volume, precision engineered products to customer requirements in critical.

"We are extremely proud of our heritage and our achievements to date. We will continue to build on our successes and the things we know matter greatly to our clients. At the same time, we remain committed to delivering excellence and are currently implementing a programme of continuous improvement and evaluation across every aspect of our business.

These are exciting times for CSE and we look forward to working with existing clients and new in the years ahead."

Richard Roberts & Steve Evans

“They take the time to come and see us. Other suppliers don’t do this.”